Are you using a pseudonym so that you can write awful things about people you know?

No.  I try to avoid having awful people in my life.  I also work really hard not be an awful person.

The real reason for the pseudonym is that I sometimes google people I’m going to meet with for work to learn more about their backgrounds. They probably do the same and the first thing they learn about me should be that I went to an awesome liberal arts college and have incredible industry experience, not that I buttoned a perfect strangers pants for her in an airport ladies room.


Why Ruth?

Truth be told my first name doesn’t rhyme with anything.  My older cousin, Todd, has spent my entire lifetime trying to find something to rhyme with my first name.  When that didn’t work out, he just started calling me Baby Ruth.  For the record, it is also difficult to spell and pronounce, so I’m doing everybody a solid.

Additionally, my parents gave me the name for a reason and somewhere along the line, I felt like it preordained me to be compassionate, its meaning.  They also always used my first and middle name in combination as a term of endearment.  It has sort of stuck and now most people who love me call me Ruth.

Ruth is also the name I always give when asked for an order.  Sometimes it is better to not see your identity mangled by a barista.


You don’t use your kids’ names either.  What’s up with that?

I’m here to share my story, not theirs.  Plus when their first potential employer googles them, I want them to find that they went to an awesome liberal arts college and have a strong work ethic, not that they mistook a flooded parking lot for the ocean at age four.

So for my dear readers, Bigs (not to be confused with SATC’s Mr. Big) is my son and Littles is my daughter.  Bigs derived his nickname as a result of repeating in the most annoyed tone known to man a line from a Duck & Goose book by Tad Hill, “I’m not little.”  He still does it whenever he is referenced as little, such as little man or the like.  Littles has derived her nickname as a result of her just being small, as in petite.  It is ironic to those who know her, because she has a larger than life personality to make up for any physical attributes.



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