2012 xmas

Counting our Blessings             

Last Christmas we never got cards out as we anticipated the arrival of Littles.  She came promptly on her due date.  A girl after her mother’s heart.  I woke Husband up very early Christmas morning knowing we were getting the best Christmas gift ever.  We had breakfast with Husband’s parents who were with us, kissed good bye the big brother-to-be, and welcomed Littles into the world that afternoon.  Three weeks later with birth announcements in hand, I had high hopes of getting them in the mail.  You might note from the enclosures that yours didn’t get lost in the mail. Too sweet not to send.

Instead I was back at the hospital requiring surgery and a blood transfusion due to delivery complications.  Life became a struggle.  Instead of feeling better each day, a fog rolled in and suffocated me.  Physically I was fine; mentally a wreck.  Anxiety ridden, filled with self doubt, I could barely leave the couch, let alone the house.  We count my doctor in our blessings this year as he recognized the signs of my postpartum depression and got me the help I needed to get on the road to recovery. 

While there are a few things we’d rather forget about 2012, there are many more that we want to remember.  We have spent the year surrounded by friends and family.  Celebrating life in our dining room over home cooked meals.  Relishing the small joys of life that could easily be taken for granted.  Grateful for the army of supporter who knowingly and unknowingly got us through a difficult year.  (If you are reading this, consider yourself included in that army.)  In peaceful moments realizing we have come out the other side better for the struggle and more compassionate.

The highlight of the year has been life with two vibrant, love-filled children.  We frequently find ourselves joining the giggles between Littles and Bigs at the dinner table that keep them from eating their suppers.  How do you reprimand such delight? 

Bigs (aka Buster Brown, Big Guy, and Rojo) had a big year.  This fall he was promoted to the preschool room after successfully potty training.  He loves to talk and tell stories.  (Surprising, no?)  He’s also a bit of a tattle tale.  If Littles edges near him with her foot the squeal erupts, “Littles kicked me!”  We love the twinkle in Bigs’ eyes and his endless energy. 

Littles grows and changes daily!  She loves sitting up to the table and feeding herself.  When she plays, her favorites are whatever her brother has and anything she can stick in her mouth.  We’ve spent the better part of the last 8 months blaming her poor sleeping habits on teething, as we await the arrival of any pearly whites. (Still waiting.)  She delights in her brother and we delight in her sweet smiles. 

Husband says that our life is like Groundhog’s Day – each day we get up and repeat the same thing from the day before.  It’s true!  Evidenced by my nightly comment around 9:00, “Where did the night go?”  We agree our Groundhog’s Day is pretty awesome – happy and healthy children; jobs we enjoy; time with those we love.  We are blessed beyond our wildest dreams!

Counting our blessings as we ring in a new year, for those that:

Bring joy

Share a meal

Donate blood

Freely offer grace

Give their precious time

Offer words of encouragement

Have the answers when we don’t

Support a co-worker, friend, or neighbor

Help us become better versions of ourselves

Honor wedding vows of better/worse & sickness/health


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