These Things Happen in Real Life

It is almost a certainty that the universe was trying to teach me a lesson about wearing leggings as pants. I work in a business casual office with emphasis on business, but my boss was out of the office and her boss was out of the office. It was Wednesday morning and I would have preferred to pull the covers over my head and wear pajamas all day. Instead I rewarded my go-getterness (i.e. getting out of bed) with the decision to wear leggings to work.

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Quarterly Call

With minutes left before I was ready to shut down my computer and head out to pick up the kids, my phone rang. A familiar number flashed on caller ID and instead of letting it go to voice mail (as nearly every call I get does) I answered. The cheerful voice on the other end greeted me with an uncomfortably loud, but comfortably familiar, “RUTHIEEEEEE!!!!!!”

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Asking Better Questions

Part of my job is meeting with management teams from publicly traded companies to evaluate their corporate strategy. I love my job, because I’m constantly learning, contextualizing, and evaluating. I don’t love that it forces me to make decisions without complete information, sometimes the truth of obfuscated, and making mistakes is costly, but part of the job.

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Balance is a Fallacy

I was reading this post on and this really resonated with me:

Balance is a fallacy. You cannot find it because it doesn’t exist. At least not in the sense we are seeking it. We cannot, nor ever will be able to, give an equal amount of time to all the things that are important to us. Life is much more complex and beautiful than that. We must live life so fully that giving equally to it all doesn’t matter because we give so completely to what matters at the moment.

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