2016 Reading List

This year I went listless, because last year I felt a bit of failure for not tackling the entire list I set out to read. Truth be told, I didn’t pick up even one of the books from the 2015 list that remained this year. Maybe next year. Nevertheless, nobody needs to feel failure as it relates to reading books. Non-affiliate links are included for each book listed. Continue reading


Valentine’s Day and Ungrand Gestures

In high school I worked at a Hallmark. The day before and Valentine’s Day were always busy and often came with the desperate man. 80% of our customers were women on a usual day, but the holiday of love brought in many more men. Two things struck me about these desperate men: They didn’t want to screw up and they hadn’t planned at all. This was exemplified in their desire for me to pick the perfect gift for their significant other, because clearly my gender made me an expert.

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Feeling Regret instead of Punishing Guilt

I’ve taken a lengthy hiatus from my series inspired by my time at Postpartum Progress’ Warrior Mom Conference. There has been lots of other stuff to write about, but the truth is that I’ve rewritten this post six times… and deleted it five. It’s really hard to talk about guilt. When I think about my darkest offenses, tears well in my eyes and my lip quivers. I hold them and continue to punish myself. I need to change. I need to forgive.

#8 – She understands the difference between Guilt and Regret and chooses not to punish herself unnecessarily Continue reading

Being an Introvert in an Extrovert Family

I have a big extended family and we extend from coast to coast, north to south. Weddings and funerals are about the only thing that bring us together anymore. There once were big family Christmases at Grandma’s house or all being together for the little home town festival. Today we have multiplied from 27 to two times that. Even when time and space separate us, we come together just as if nothing has passed between the present and the past.

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