2016 Reading List

This year I went listless, because last year I felt a bit of failure for not tackling the entire list I set out to read. Truth be told, I didn’t pick up even one of the books from the 2015 list that remained this year. Maybe next year. Nevertheless, nobody needs to feel failure as it relates to reading books. Non-affiliate links are included for each book listed. Continue reading


2015 Reading List

We’ll see if I ever get around to sharing making my New Year’s Resolutions.  We’ve had a ton of company, a little bit of illness, and an endless supply of love in our home over the past couple of weeks, so resolutions have fallen by the wayside (I think, for now, not forever) in favor of cooking, laundry, and cleaning up.  It hasn’t been that bad (and there have even been excessive amounts of laundry!) There is still a long to do list, which probably will get an update next week Wednesday.  A long way of saying that the post I had planned has yet to come together, but I’m giving myself some grace and moving on.

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