21st Century Dad

You became a father in the middle of the night. After spending the better part of 24 hours by my side you encouraged me to press on. At the moment I wanted to throw in the towel and tell the doctor that I was done laboring and to do a C-section, tears trickled out of your eyes. You saw what I could not… that the end and beginning were so close. Through your emotion you told me, “He’s coming. He’s almost here.” I literally pushed through my exhaustion to deliver our son to the world and you were my fuel. I couldn’t have done it without you.
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Asking Better Questions

Part of my job is meeting with management teams from publicly traded companies to evaluate their corporate strategy. I love my job, because I’m constantly learning, contextualizing, and evaluating. I don’t love that it forces me to make decisions without complete information, sometimes the truth of obfuscated, and making mistakes is costly, but part of the job.

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Paying it Forward

Saturday morning I had an appointment and my husband was working, so our neighbor girl was scheduled to come babysit at 9:00 a.m. The kids and I had a good morning together playing games and playdoh. I was gathering up a couple of items in preparation for my departure when Bigs said, “It is 8:45. Where is Stephanie?” I explained she wasn’t coming until 9:00, but was excited he was excited.

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