Littles loves princesses. She loves to dress like them, pretend she is one getting married, and read about them. Her book shelf houses a variety of stories about princesses, with her favorite being a four-story anthology of Disney princess weddings. We’ve read them a hundred times each. The plot is always the same: meet your prince, plan your dream wedding, live happily ever after.

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Love Thyself

No suspense, the last of the list is this:

#10 – A thriving mother loves herself

It seems so simple, but is terribly complicated. For some of us, we love parts of ourselves. Others it is difficult to say anything specifically we love about ourselves. Maybe it depends on the day.

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Our fourteenth year of marriage has been better than our eleventh. I’m pretty sure our ninth wasn’t great, but can’t remember completely. The early ones are hard to recall, but I’m pretty sure our second was superb. The fourth was one of the worst, but it marks the beginning of something that was enduring and likely helped us survive year eleven. The eight and tenth were incredible. All this to say, marriage has its ups and downs.

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Balance is a Fallacy

I was reading this post on and this really resonated with me:

Balance is a fallacy. You cannot find it because it doesn’t exist. At least not in the sense we are seeking it. We cannot, nor ever will be able to, give an equal amount of time to all the things that are important to us. Life is much more complex and beautiful than that. We must live life so fully that giving equally to it all doesn’t matter because we give so completely to what matters at the moment.

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