Seeing Myself in the Mirror

I’ve always sensed that little eyes were watching me.  Little ears certainly hear what I’m saying when I least expect it (or want it).  They are like little sponges soaking it all in.  This intuition was solidified as reasonable fact when I saw Bigs watching ESPN standing 15 feet from the TV with his legs shoulder width apart and arms crossed over his chest… exactly like my husband.  My son is just like my husband as my husband is just like his father… cut from the same cloth. Continue reading



35″ is how tall my youngest is. We call her Littles, because that’s just what she is. As I rocked her to sleep last night, she slowly curled into the cup of my neck. She nestled her feet between my thighs, something both of my children have always done. She found the crook of my elbow and wedged in. It was as if she was putting together a three dimensional puzzle with her eyes closed as she softly sucked her thumb and rubbed the tags of her blankie. Off she drifted with little snores of her always runny nose.

As I rocked, I savored the moment. I remembered how three years ago when I was pregnant with her, I would go into her room and rock as I thought about what and who she would be. Continue reading