What to Do When the World Hurts

Egypt, Baghdad, Chad, Cameroon, Beruit, Baghdad, Paris, Nigeria… 850 people injured or killed in terrorist incidents in these locations during the month of November alone. It breaks my heart. I feel helpless to do anything. The world is broken and hurting. People are angry and scared.

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I have a pain in my butt

It isn’t a shooting pain or anything that makes me wince. No, it is more of a nagging, always there discomfort right where my back meet my right haunch. As if somehow attached, there is an equally hounding sore spot to the left of the nape of my neck into the trapezius muscle.

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Sometimes Undone makes for Great Accomplishment

Things that were accomplished over the long weekend:

  1. Relaxation
  2. Connecting with friends and being present in the moments together
  3. Fun — lots of fun
  4. Consumed many delicious things… perhaps in more than enough¬†quantities ūüėČ
  5. Relived my late teens by waterskiing
  6. Spent three days realizing with every move that I’m not 20, but 37

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