My dearest Bigs,

As we snuggled at bedtime, your small hand searched under the covers for my hand. When you finally found it, you pulled my arm over you to wrap yourself in a cocoon of my limbs. With a deep breath and what felt like a burrowing into your mattress to get comfortable, you lay there perfectly still holding my hand. My heart stopped. My mind stopped. Time stopped. I was swallowed up in the moment of perfect peace and you began softly snoring. This is home, my sweet boy. Being surrounded in love is home.

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To my beloved son:

Somewhere between last week and the past months, you transformed from a pre-schooler to a big kid. Vestiges of baby no longer exist. While I know you don’t believe you ever were small enough to fit in my belly, you were.  Somehow you fit perfectly there.  After you were born you wrapped neatly into my arms.  Tonight, you still place your head in the crook of my elbow while I read your favorite stories.  It’s not always going to be that way.  I’m placing my bet today that in less than seven years, you will be bigger than me.  That isn’t very long.  Continue reading