What to Do When the World Hurts

Egypt, Baghdad, Chad, Cameroon, Beruit, Baghdad, Paris, Nigeria… 850 people injured or killed in terrorist incidents in these locations during the month of November alone. It breaks my heart. I feel helpless to do anything. The world is broken and hurting. People are angry and scared.

Perhaps it is me sticking my head in the sand, but I don’t read the news about these tragic events. It is sensationalized and fighting for clicks and views and attention. I just can’t. It seems so pointless in its terrible awfulness.

Maybe it is my naiveté, but it doesn’t seem there is anything I can do for those directly effected. As much as I’d like to, I can’t change the world, but I’m grateful for those who can, do, and try. What I can do is bring love to the world around me. I can show up for those in my own life who are struggling and need real TLC… in the flesh. I can share the goodness inside of me with anybody I come in contact with. I can be present for those who surround me during the day.

This week has been a week of showing up for me. I have done my best each day, each hour, each minute. There have been hours that have been greatly appreciated and others that were shat on. Some went completely unnoticed, while others were seemingly monumental. Each time, I was there for it.

So if you are like me and not sure how to the cure the world’s heartache, join me in showing up. Put your best work out there even if nobody seems to appreciate it. Be kind. Reveal your brokenness so others know they aren’t alone. Bring an unexpected smile to someone. Listen… really listen. Check in to see how someone is doing, despite the discomfort it may bring to either party. Acknowledge someone else’s pain. Love someone in the way you know they are worthy to be loved, even if they don’t know it yet. Choose benevolence over spite.

None of these things are huge, but you don’t know when a small almost insignificant act can be the light that breaks another’s darkness. Or the thing that brings the spring back into someone else’s step. Or a new beginning. We just don’t know.

Love is a renewable resource. The more we give, the more we have to give. The wider we open our hearts the more we feel everything… good and bad… but we are alive and really living by showing up. Love the world, love your people, love yourself. I promise, you won’t run out.


This post was brought to you by all the people who have shown me how to love bravely, 1.5 glasses of wine, a long week that isn’t over yet, and the letter L. The picture is the dawn breaking over our sweet little cul du sac, which reminds me of the many who have broken my darkness who I will never adequately thank.


6 thoughts on “What to Do When the World Hurts

  1. Beautiful daughter whose beauty is inner and outward thank you for putting into words what so many are feeling and encouraging us to do the one thing we can do; be there for and love others.


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