The Road to Nowhere

The other day, I was within a mile of my 10,000 step goal. Really to call it a goal is somewhat of a joke, because I meet it 1 out of 7 days a week… if I’m lucky. We had promised the kids a show before bed and I just decided to go for a quick walk to meet my goal instead of scrolling on my phone or puttering around the house.

I walked out our back door and was hit with the view pictured above. The sun burning behind the trees. The clouds rolling through the sky. The trees brimming with buds that are about to burst. The sky a palette of drippy water colors. Beauty… right out my back door. For the twenty minutes I was out, I marveled at the gifts of nature. Soaked in the warm, damp air that was brewing a rainstorm. I even let the first juicy drops falling from the clouds hit my nose and cheeks like kisses from the sky.

Upon arrival home, I had to scrub the mud off of my shoes from my off road adventure. Then I tiptoed up to see the last couple of minutes of the show and corral the children to their rooms for stories. As I laid next to Bigs reading his favorite books, I felt unhurried, peaceful, and present. Dare I even say… accomplished.

What have you done this week to refresh your spirit?

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