The Almost Perfect Night

Last night was just me and the kids. The season is getting close to winding down for my husband, but he had to work. (Counting down the days to summer.)  He had neglected to put the event on the calendar, so when I found out Sunday, I immediately bagged my dinner plans for the following night and opened up the diner.

Littles chose Mac & Cheese (why was I so resistant to Easy Mac for so long? It is brilliant!) Bigs chose eggs. I had a salad. Bigs must be going through a growth spurt (not because he is cranky), but because he ate like a snake. Two eggs, toast with Nutella, and yogurt. We had a good visit during dinner and I cleaned up the dishes as Littles played nicely by herself and Bigs finished the third course of his dinner.

I let the kids choose whether they wanted to play a game or watch a show before bedtime. Littles chose the show while Bigs chose games. They both got what they wanted after they got their pajamas on… at 6:30. Bigs skipped the show knowing he could watch an episode of Wildkrats on the iPad, while I read Littles stories. Littles happily chose her books and snuggled in. When I went to fill up her milk cup, I triumphantly thought, “This is going so well!” When I returned with the milk, she was crawling out of bed, for which I admonished her. Of course… she had to poop. The ultimate bedtime delay tactic. She did her business and I didn’t assess her wiping skills from the day. No need to encourage that behavior any longer. She got right back into bed and stayed there.

Bigs and I read his three books and turned out the lights. We snuggled for a bit and I left telling him I would check on him. I sat down in our room down the hall and opened the laptop to start a blog post (this blog post.) Before it was even started, he patted into the room to say he thought it might be best with Daddy gone that he sleep in my bed with me. After going back and forth about how I wasn’t going to bed immediately (though I wish I was) he shifted his argument to be that he didn’t want me to get lonesome and that he should sleep in my bed with the covers over his head. How do you say no to that?

I sat in the dark clicking away at the keys listening to Bigs fake snore in an effort to convince me he was actually sleeping. My husband got home shortly after 8:30. He tried (unsuccessfully) to move the possum. He said, “Time to get in your own bed,” to which Bigs responded, “This is my bed tonight.”

My husband said, “No. That’s why we call this bed Mommy & Daddy’s bed and the other bed, Bigs’ bed. Strange how it works that way.”

We all sat quietly in the dark without movement. Finally my husband headed down stairs to finish some work up and left Bigs and I. By 8:45, I was almost done with this blog and silence emanated from the bed.

Last night isn’t what I would describe as the perfect night, but I embraced the imperfection. It was relaxed, because I let it be the kids’ agenda and not my own. I put my phone away and engaged with them.

Every night can’t be that way, but I can do more of it. I will do more of it.

4 thoughts on “The Almost Perfect Night

  1. I am smiling at your post.

    Here is my experience today. I saw a mom strolling her baby and I had an immediate, lovely flashback of doing the same on a lovely early Spring day with my two kiddos.


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