On Taking the Day Off

Yesterday our family took the day off. School was closed. My office was closed. I convinced my husband to take the day and spend it with us. Alarms were turned off. To do lists put away. E-mail mostly went unchecked. Okay, a few office fires were put out, but for the most part it was just us. It felt luxurious.

The Four Seasons is luxurious. Like many hotels, it is clean, safe, and quiet (my standard for travel), but what makes it so indulgent is the attention to detail. During my stay in Boston this past summer, I left my book flopped face down on the night stand before I drifted off. The following night as I reached to pick the book up it laid neatly closed stacked with my magazine. In it I found a pretty bookmark where I left off placed by the staff when they made up the room. The bookmark is hardly fancy, but is inscribed with Joseph Addison’s words “Reading is to the mind, what exercise is to the body,” which I love. It was a small gesture that continues to make me smile.

Today was all about finding unexpected bookmarks laying around in my daily life.

It was appreciating 45 extra minutes of sleep this morning that my husband somehow bought from my children with YouTube videos and cereal.

It was the biggest hug from the littlest person bounding towards me to throw herself in my arms the moment she saw me.

It was curling up in a chair with my coffee and a new cookbook still in my pajamas as the kids played together sweetly.

It was a smile and warmed heart sent via text from a friend.

It was playing tourist in our own city. Exploring the crevices of our favorite museum and finding treasures we hadn’t seen before.

It was appreciating a hot delicious meal that I didn’t cook myself and enjoying it with two mostly well behaved table mates. (Technically three, but my husband’s behavior is usually impeccable.)

It was the soft snore of my sweet babe and her warm cuddles at nap time.

It was indulging in watching the most recent episode of “Revenge.” By myself.

It was the joy of everybody asking for seconds at dinner.  One might think having waffles is like winning the lottery.

It was listening to Bigs read me one of his books as my heart swelled with pride and excitement for the world that is opening up to him.

It was sharing a peaceful moment with the love of my life to read books and sip tea.

It wasn’t about doing something extra special today. To be clear we didn’t do anything we haven’t done before. The real magic in the day was forgetting about everything else and savoring the moments of goodness. Perhaps I am wrong and it was about doing something unique. Living a single day without the weight of the day-to-day on my shoulders. Letting go of the stress that gets in the way of enjoying little things, because it seems so much less important than the big stuff.

Tomorrow all the demands of life will be back, only put on hiatus for 24 hours. Yet I’m going to be mindful and find the bookmarks that are in plain sight. They exist. My eyes must just be open to see them.

2 thoughts on “On Taking the Day Off

    • I could really use a three day weekend every week. 😉 Except that it would just get filled with stuff. Mark your calendar. It will recharge your batteries. xoxo


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