Holiday Master To-Do List: Post-Holiday Update

Official Tally

Added Items: 13

Deleted Items: 0

Completed Items: 50

To be completed Items: 5

Days left to complete: 7

An interview with myself…
How am I feeling?

Really good.  Between my husband taking the kids into work with him on Saturday morning, which allowed me to get a couple of big projects from the list done and spending a bit of Sunday nap time banging out thank you notes, the tough stuff is done.

What could possibly be left?

Our tree and decorations are all still up and you know what?  I kind of like it.  Until last year, we’ve always had a real tree.  I love the smell and going to pick it out, but I hate the mess and endless watering.  Add to the things I love about fake trees, I don’t have to be in a rush to get it down.

Are you going frame that puppy?

Hahaha.  No.  I am going to tuck it away in my to do list file so that when next year comes, I can pull it out and have a great jumping off point.  There are lots of things on there that will be repeated, so I won’t need to recreate the wheel.

What were your lessons learned?

1. Get started earlier.  There are lots of tasks that could have gotten underway earlier and perhaps taken the pressure off.  Or it would have opened the door to saying yes to things nobody seemed to mind my saying no to this year…

2. Don’t leave all your Health FSA reimbursements to the end of the year.  It took two hours, folks.  I’m also resolving to do a better job of organizing receipts this year too.

3. Toy culling prior to Christmas made it so much easier to find homes for everything after!





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