2015 Reading List

We’ll see if I ever get around to sharing making my New Year’s Resolutions.  We’ve had a ton of company, a little bit of illness, and an endless supply of love in our home over the past couple of weeks, so resolutions have fallen by the wayside (I think, for now, not forever) in favor of cooking, laundry, and cleaning up.  It hasn’t been that bad (and there have even been excessive amounts of laundry!) There is still a long to do list, which probably will get an update next week Wednesday.  A long way of saying that the post I had planned has yet to come together, but I’m giving myself some grace and moving on.

One of my resolution is continuing a good routine of self-care.  You would think after years of practice, it would be a habit.  Maybe it is a little like exercise that even if it is a habit you have to keep it at the forethought to continue it.  Self-care always has to be on my list of things to accomplish or it gets pushed to the side for other things.  One of my favorite forms of self-care is reading in the evening.  It helps me slow down both physically and mentally.  I sleep better when I end my day with a book.

Lucky for me, my Christmas and birthday were filled with gifts of books.  One even showed up unexpectedly in the mail from a college friend.  It was wrapped in green holiday paper with snowflakes and took every ounce of self-control not to tear it open upon arrival.  Ever since I was a little girl, I loved to shake presents.  I loved to see if I could figure out what was in each package before I unwrapped it.  Not to brag, but I’m pretty good at it.  Books are nearly the hardest to deduce.  Obviously you can tell it is a book, but there are millions of possibilities to be narrowed down.  This unexpected gift stayed tucked under the tree until we opened presents as a family of four.  As I pulled the paper off it revealed the same book I had picked out for my mom’s gift.  When I had purchased “Small Victories” by Anne Lamott for my mom I paged through it and kind of wanted to read the whole thing before giving it to her (yes, I would totally do that), but you might have seen the holiday master to do list, which precluded such an indulgence.  Instead, I was delighted to find that someone had thought of me with a perfect gift.

My “To Be Read” pile is a bit out of control… growing beyond 50 titles.  The thickest ones always sink to the bottom. Honestly, it is sort of overwhelming, so I’ve decided to pick my top 16 (one more totally snuck in there!) for now.  That seems like a reasonable number to get through this year.



I would call it fiction, but the Ruth Reichl book is non-fiction.  I guess it could have gone in the stack with cookbooks since it is about food, but doesn’t have recipes.  You might note by my stack that I’m behind the curve on anything (and maybe everything) that is current.  If I’m going to read fiction, I sort of want it to be a sure thing that I’ll love it.



I love food.  I love cooking.  I love eating.  Totally normal to love reading cookbooks, no?  Plus, I have to get out of the major weeknight funk I’m in right now as it relates to dinner.


Self Discovery

I did some great reading last year of memoirs and self-help.  Brene Brown and I became good friends.  This year I want to continue on my journey and see who else can speak to my soul.


What are you reading?  Do you have recommendations?  I’d love to hear them.

4 thoughts on “2015 Reading List

  1. Oh! I love these.

    Thanks for commenting on my post. I’m glad you found some great ideas. Some of these fiction books are in my to-read list! And some I think I’ll need to add.


  2. I’m in the midst of “The Book Thief” right now and it is beautifully written.

    Thanks for coming over to visit me. I’ve been following your blog since we “met” on Facebook through Alexandra Rosas. She had shared my post about hope in recovery from PPD. Your question about whether I had a blog, gave me a nudge to get started. (Thank you!!!!) The picture from that post became our Christmas card… http://wp.me/P54ctR-5V


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