Holiday Master To-Do List: Finished for now

This is what a (mostly) completed to-do list looks like.  

Official Tally

Added Items: 3 (all thank you notes… how lucky are we?)

Deleted Items: 0

Completed Items: 32

To be completed Items: 2

Days left to complete: 0

Post-holiday to-do Items (not included above): 8 (I guess, technically 10, since the two uncompleted ones aren’t getting done until after the holidays.)

An interview with myself…
How am I feeling?

Peaceful.  I had scheduled a massage for this past Saturday morning a few weeks ago.  It was my reward for completing my list.  Up until this year, I couldn’t imagine having had the time to do something so selfish the weekend before Christmas.  As it turns out, this girl needed some serious self care before heading into a major week of celebration with family.

Are you going to do this again next year?

I had read a blog post where the author talked about how she doesn’t do to-do lists at Christmas, so she can enjoy the season and not feel owned by everything that needs to get done.  Honestly, it made me uncomfortable.  I reflected on it and realized that my to-do list far from owned me, but gave me reason to say no.  When the inevitable came up, instead of saying yes out of guilt or obligation, I thought about my to-do list and what I would have to sacrifice to do one more thing.  A little bit of planning and pacing myself left the time and space for me to be present in all of the holiday activities and really enjoy them.

What didn’t get done?

A couple of year end items relating to flexible spending accounts didn’t get done.  Thankfully, I have until March to complete them.  Shauna Niequist posted to Facebook this weekend, “My rule, starting today: If it can possibly wait till January, let it. Let’s be merry.”  I think she is on to something.  It can wait.

What are you most surprised got done?

The toy purge and reorganization!  My husband was blown away by how much progress was made, which made me feel extra good about it.

How are you feeling about your Holiday Master To-Do List?



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