Holiday Master To-Do List: Home Stretch

Let’s talk about the reality of accomplishing the Holiday Master To-Do List.  My kitchen table has become a dumping zone, along with where our computer is and the counter by the back door.  I don’t think I’ve lost anything… yet.  Piles are regularly being moved off the island to the table so we have a place to eat.  

Official Tally

Added Items: 1

Deleted Items: 0

Completed Items: 26

To be completed Items: 8

Days left to complete: 7

Post-holiday to-do Items (not included above): 5

An interview with myself…
How am I feeling?

Relieved.  Peace entered my soul after a visit with a friend on Saturday.  My husband had taken the kids to a work event with him, which gave me an hour of silence before they got home.  I got right to work on the Christmas letter… and finished it.  Earlier that morning as I had been purging toys, because it seemed easier to do than tackle the big hairy monster of letter writing, I thought about this post and how I would have to admit to my procrastination.  As it was being narrated in my head, I was embarrassed.  I feared failure and it was keeping me from even trying.

What am I most anxious about completing?

The one addition to the list was under toys.  I’ve made progress on purging, but realized in the process that to do it right, I need to take everything I’ve hidden in our storage area and divide it into: keep, toss, donate.  I have some wood to chop here, but I think I can do it.

What is most likely to get cut from the list if time gets tight?

Still the toys, but I’m closer.

Seven days to go, how are you going to finish everything?

It will all get done.  My husband offered to complete cards by stuffing and sending.  Most people would gladly hand it all over, but he kind of has a bad track record with mailing large quantities.  He was in charge of getting our wedding invitations to the post office.  They were neatly alphabetized in three boxes ready to go.  He put two in his car and left one on the roof prior to driving away.  Luckily he saw invitations flying everywhere out of his rear view mirror.  To this day he swears he found every last one and blames the Post Office for my grandmother (among others) never receiving an invitation.  The truth of this didn’t come out until we had been married nine months.  We were having dinner with my parents and figured one of them would stop me from murdering him right there, so he told the story.  My dad thought it was hilarious and he became even more endeared by my mom.  A shockingly similar incident occurred with Littles first birthday invitations (prior to them being addressed), except he had no idea what happened to them.  Thankfully a kind stranger found them spread across her workplace lawn and called the RSVP phone number to tell me she had them.

How are you feeling about your Holiday Master To-Do List?



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