Christmas Letters

If you want to barf hearing me agonize over my 2014 Christmas letter, I get it.  Me too.  Maybe send some positive vibes and you’ll stop hearing me agonize, because it will actually be done.  I know I will get unstuck.  In an effort to speed the process and find inspiration, I added a new tab to the blog with a page telling the story of how the Christmas letter was really the earliest stages of my blog.  I’m not sure many people would read a  blog with one post a year.  Although I have many favorite writers who don’t write much any more and I would love to hear from them once a year.  I digress.

Head on over for the story and the last two years of Christmas cards and letters.  

Today, I sit mystified of what words to use.  Our life is incredibly ordinary in the best way I can imagine.  What do you say?  The card is adorable (I’ll post it once we actually send it) and says, “May your days be Merry.”  Not finding so much inspiration in that.  One friends said, “Forget it.  If you don’t have the words, just send the card.”  Another friend said it is one of the best parts of opening the mail and one of the few letters she gets.

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