Holiday Master To-Do List: Making Progress!

You can see that the Master To-Do List got crazy this past weekend.  I moved items from the Master list to the sticky notes and added household chores that also needed to be completed.  The green sticky included the details of something I had volunteered to do and the bottom sticky was my errand list with details for each stop.  For the record it didn’t keep me from walking out without the item I needed to return at Target.  Later… At least now it is in my car so when I’m there again, hopefully I can remember.

Official Tally

Added Items: 1

Deleted Items: 1

Completed Items: 18

To be completed Items: 15

Days left to complete: 14

Post-holiday to-do Items (not included above): 5

An interview with myself…
How am I feeling?

Smug.  Not totally, because we all know that pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before the fall.  I don’t really want to invite that into my life.  My complete angst last week drove me to make a plan to really get stuff done.  Friday night, my husband and I had a romantic date (not in the traditional sense) and went through everything we had for the kids, dividing it between Santa, us, and Little’s birthday.  Since it was spread all over the kitchen island, I got the wild idea to just wrap it and put it under the tree instead of rehiding it all.  Boom!  Saturday morning included the children dragging every last gift out from under the tree and counting who had most.  Bigs told me he would let me open one of his, since there were zero under the tree for me.  After I convinced them that I was serious that the presents would go away if they didn’t put them back where they found them, I headed out for three hours of errands, which completed my shopping.  Sunday, I finished up my wrapping and decorating while the kids watched a video and my husband was at work.

What am I most anxious about completing?

Still the Christmas letter.  Inspiration, please find me.

What is most likely to get cut from the list if time gets tight?

Today, I feel pretty good about where I stand and don’t think I’ll be cutting anything.  The item I deleted was more of a swap with the added item.  Usually we put out fake topiary trees at the front door — really pretty with twinkle lights.  BUT, I couldn’t find the timer for the lights and was sort of so/so on the idea since they tend to fall over a lot.  Then I got a call on Thursday night from the neighbor Boy Scout who said he had dropped off the wreath that I had ordered from him in early November (that I had completely forgotten about.)  I’ve never had a wreath as nice as this one!  This summer I had gotten an old Flexible Flyer sled at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore.  They had five to choose from at varying price points.  I’m not an antique collector and knew it would just be decorative, so I scored the cheapest one for $20.  I tied the wreath to it and put it by the front door.  Not exactly a pinterest worthy project, but perfect for us.


Say, I hear you finished an entire category.  Tell me about it.

You heard wrong!  It’s actually two.  Decorating is done after I got the sled & wreath put out.  All the decorating boxes went back into storage.  Gifts are really practically done.  I’m anticipating my order of custom decorated holiday cookies from The Cookie Girl that we will hand deliver to our neighbors, which remains on the to do list.

How are you feeling about your Holiday Master To-Do List?



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