My Grown-Up Christmas Wish List

I have a real Christmas and birthday wish list.  It’s hardly exotic and is at home on Amazon.  It’s composed of tangible goods that I would love to have, but nothing that I really need.  It is mostly kitchen tools and books.  Boring. The list that I don’t share are things that are as good as imaginary.  You know the kind that if a magic wand could be waved, it’s what you would ask for.  So let’s commence with the unveiling… it’s only four things:

1.  A night away.  I’m not talking about a romantic getaway at a fancy hotel.  That’s nice too, but doesn’t qualify under my definition of away.  I want to be away from everything and everyone.  The hotel need only be clean and quiet.  You are likely thinking that this could be a very real gift, but here is the thing, I want the 24 hours to magically appear so that I can have a night away where I’m not agonizing over the things that aren’t getting done or the “make-up” work I’ll have when I get back.  I guess I’m just wishing for more time to myself.

2. A day without bickering.  When Littles was five months old, Bigs did the cutest thing.  Her little baby foot was touching his leg and he exclaimed, “Littles kicked me!”  Two and a half years later, I recognize that it was the beginning of sibling arguments, except that one sibling at the time was completely innocent in intent.  It isn’t just my kids who squabble over trivial matters.  Approximately twice a year, I “decide” I’m going to quit Facebook.  It’s a raft of reasons, but mostly the bickering that takes place there that I can’t eradicate from my timeline.  Then my aunts tell me how much they love seeing pictures of the kids and I’m reminded how I stay connected with those I love.  I digress, it isn’t just my fighting kids, but it is everywhere.  Talk radio would have to go off the air on the slight chance that I might hear it while flipping stations.  I’m all for discourse, but much of the internet and media are sensationalized (ala “Littles kicked me!”) and trite.

3. Someone who will do all the planning for me.  Maybe this could be like a year-long subscription, I needn’t be greedy.  It would be an interesting exercise in learning whether I’m the one who does all the planning, because (ahem…) I’m a bit of a control freak or if things would really fall through the cracks like I imagine if my husband was responsible for it.  Responsibilities of said savior of my sanity, you ask?  Bill paying, meal planning, gift buying, appointment making, date scheduling, birthday card sending, logistics managing, mail sorting, paperwork filing, handy man liaison, outfit picking (Okay, I’m getting too greedy.)

4. A world without bullies.  It is the thing I worry about most with my children.  Bullies tear people down.  They strip one of self-worth.  Bullies pleasure in being more powerful by stealing the world’s humanity.  It isn’t just kids that get bullied, I see it everywhere.  It is especially close as I watch friends struggle with bullying spouses.  One can build up the walls and moat of the sandcastle, but it is impossible to control the tide that destroys the fortification.  I pray that if the world must have bullies that my friends’ sand castles can be moved further up the beach where the tide doesn’t reach and the threat of the tide doesn’t in itself cause the castles to crumble again.

Perhaps not comprehensive, but it’s what I’m wishing for this year.  If I had to sum it up in one word, it would be peace.  My grown-up Christmas wish is for Peace.

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