Taking a Deep Breath

Last night my husband and I sat at the kitchen island and visited for hours.  Hindsight being 20/20, we should have had a bottle of wine to go with the conversation, but it was just us.  We laughed.  We shared space.  We had Christmas music in the background.  It was precious in the most ordinary way.  It’s early in December, but I’m marking it down as a favorite holiday memory.

He headed upstairs as I stared at a blank blog post.  Nothing.  I made myself a cup of tea as if it could disrupt the uncomfortable solitude hoping it would spur creation.  I have a couple of posts in the hopper, opening each to see how much progress I had made and what was required to complete them.  Nothing felt right for my mood.  I thought about setting the alarm early to work on it this morning, but remembered that I had to be to work early anyway. The timer for my steeping tea went off and I pulled the bag out of the steaming water.

I did what came completely unnaturally to me.  Shut the computer down, turned out the lights, grabbed my tea, and went up to join my husband.  As I walked up the stairs, I inhaled the peace, joy, and love that filled my house and exhaled the angst of things undone.  We should all do it more often, but especially in this busy holiday season.

P.S.  I just realized that I had a small success in staying true to my holiday resolution, Be Present!  Adding that to my pride board.  

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