Holiday Master To-Do List: Hold me Accountable

A very wise woman once told me that when you are being watched you tend to do your best work.  Here we go… I’m giving you the weekly update on my progress towards holiday preparation, complete with an in depth interview of me by me.  

Official Tally

Added Items: 1
Completed Items: 6
To be completed Items: 27
Days left to complete: 21

Post-holiday to-do Items (not included above): 5

An interview with myself…
How am I feeling?

Freaking out! I’m not sure what I expected being gone for 4 of the past 7 days, but I didn’t accomplish much. Hold on… changing attitude. I got six things done in the midst of traveling out of town and having a sick child.  The biggest project completed on the list was getting family pictures ordered for gifts and around the house.  I’m putting that on my pride board.

What am I most anxious about completing?

Writing our Christmas letter feels like a heavy weight right now. I’m feeling so uninspired. I expected with all the writing I’ve been doing on the blog, it would come easier this year. A friend suggested just bagging the whole letter and sending cards only. I love getting cards, but our friends’ and family’s letters are what I really savor. I want to reciprocate.

What is most likely to get cut from the list if time gets tight?

Toy purging. Although selling that train table could be an easy one to knock out…

Now really, how am I feeling?

I’ve actually made mini steps on a number of items, but they aren’t complete, so I should have solid progress in the week ahead. The kids are helping with decorating the tree, which is taking longer than usual.  However, they are totally into it and I don’t even care that all the ornaments are in one giant cluster.  I’m also incredibly grateful to my sister-in-law who is laid up right now, but somehow managed to cross my mother- and father-in-law off my list. She is seriously amazing!

How are you feeling about your Holiday Master To-Do List?



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