2016 Reading List

This year I went listless, because last year I felt a bit of failure for not tackling the entire list I set out to read. Truth be told, I didn’t pick up even one of the books from the 2015 list that remained this year. Maybe next year. Nevertheless, nobody needs to feel failure as it relates to reading books. Non-affiliate links are included for each book listed. Continue reading



Littles loves princesses. She loves to dress like them, pretend she is one getting married, and read about them. Her book shelf houses a variety of stories about princesses, with her favorite being a four-story anthology of Disney princess weddings. We’ve read them a hundred times each. The plot is always the same: meet your prince, plan your dream wedding, live happily ever after.

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Four Hours

I had a half day of vacation from last year that I needed to use or lose by the end of the week. In a previous life (okay, more like six years ago) I would have bitten my nails and worried about what people would think of me just taking four hours of vacation with no agenda or real thing to get done. In that past life, my imagined judgements of others would have convinced me to lose it.

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